Using backlinks from established websites, blogs and influencers within your niche is the most important factor to grow your visibility in the search engines.

Research & data

To determine your content we start by getting access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will look at how long time users are spending on your website, what pages they are visiting and the behaviour of your target audiences search by Google.

Keyword & topics

Working with SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush we decide which keywords and pages we want to target. We want to find keywords with high potential (ranked 3-20th) and identify keywords ranked in the top 30, which have low competition. With this information we can improve rankings, organic traffic & ROI.

Link audit & anchor text analysis

Analyzing your existing backlinks & anchor texts helps us decide on how to proceed with the link building for your brand.


We look at the current content and how we can leverage content for links to promote in social media, on websites, pr, blogs and influencers. It is very important that you are ready to invest your time in creating great content.

Outreach & link building

We setup a strategy and decide which content we want to promote, what link strategies we want to use and map out target groups. This will be executed in a process including research, prospecting, outreach, link building & follow-up to acquire quality links.


For every client we will create a report containing the following information:

  • Outreach & link building – a shared outreach management using Google Docs, where you can see what’s happening on a day to day basis.
  • Weekly updates – a weekly summary of the campaign.
  • Monthly call/meeting – a monthly call or meeting to discuss your campaign.
  • Results – a monthly report including  links, targets, ranking and organic traffic.

Technical Audit

Technical audit

The purpose of a technical audit for SEO is to improve the quality of the website/domain. Optimizing crawling from search engines throughout the website and indexable pages. This means that your brand will boost its visibility on Google.

Keyword Research

Keyword & Topic research

A keyword research to map out which keywords & topics that we should focus on to improve the existing landing pages. We analyze the performance of your current content to improve any content gaps. Are you missing any content in comparison to other companies in your industry?  We will help you update that content.

Link Building

Outreach & link building

Promote content and links to improve your search engine rankings and organic traffic. We develop a strategy and process for each link building project and target the top websites, blogs and influencers relevant to your niche.