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Case study

  • Bannerflow empowers marketing teams by optimising the entire creative management workflow across digital channels and formats. Enabling you to reach your business goals by decreasing time to market, removing repetitive design tasks, and improving team collaboration.
  • Searchmanager Media was engaged to help Bannerflow implement an in-house strategy in order to create an SEO process to maximize the visibility in Google world-wide for the target groups.
  • The goal for the engagement is simple – setup an SEO strategy for the content team with the purpose of increasing the visibility in Google for the target groups.
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  • We dug deep into keyword & competition research and discovered that Bannerflow is in a very competitive niche (SaaS) with competition from many different types of companies.
  • We also dug deep into their data and found that the demographics were split by females ( 47,5 % ) & male (52,5%). The majority of the ages were between 25-44.
  • Our research also showed that articles with a large number of words and backlinks were dominating the SERPs. We needed to build a proper content and link building strategy.
  • We needed to create an inhouse strategy for the content team that catered to that demographic of inhouse teams searching for a creative management platform to help them with banner ads.
  • Our research showed that a lot of the head terms had a significantly low amount of search volume, but also with tough competition. Other terms were needed in the strategy.
  • We also discovered that we needed to make a technical SEO audit in order to make Google crawl the website in the best possible way.


  • Content strategy –We conducted keyword research to identify targeted keywords with clear search intent. PR- Link building -The brand received press & brand mentions before our engagement, but there was not a process set up to reach out for backlinks to the brand’s website.
  • We implemented a brand mention & outreach process to past & future placements asking for link placement.
  • Content strategy – Removal of redundant content and across domains content strategy to create targeted, high traffic resource content. Our research showed these pages were cannibalizing each other’s keyword rankings.
  • We recommended to build a proper “pillar” and “cluster” model for content topics and consolidate similar pages into singular topic authorities.
  • Technical SEO – We implemented our recommended findings from the SEO audit.
  • Workshops.- We also conducted several pieces of training with the content team.
Statistical data


  • 15 % increase in organic traffic
  • 13 % decrease in bounce rate
  • The organic traffic consists of 80% of all acquired online traffic
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  • "Working with Robert & Searchmanager Media has been both easy and straightforward. Robert has taken our SEO work to the next level by setting us up for success and then leaving us with tools to continue to manage the process on our own.” Lotta Laurin, Marketing Manager Bannerflow.

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