About us

Global experience & support

The international setup enables us to work with a remote team and in different time zones. Our head office is in Stockholm. Members of our team are based in places such as Stockholm, Malta, South Africa and Manila. In today’s digital society, it’s possible to work with the whole world as your office. We deliver quality to our clients 24/7.

We grow revenue

Your Searchmanger team will consist of an SEO manager, Outreach Manager, Technical SEO lead, and specialists needed for the project. We also have more specific skills in link building, content, Google ads, analytics & cro.


We usually work with fixed-price estimates & retainers. It is important for us to calculate an ROI for your project. Our goal is to find a scope that is beneficial for both parties.

How can we help you?

Send us the nessecarry information about your website and your goals in 2020. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a plan to grow your organice revenue.

International team

SearchManager Media connects you with a team of International search specialists to help you grow your organic revenue in the search engines. We create content & link strategies to brands & agencies around the world.

International team

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Work with us

We work hard with the development of our services & support. We use our global experience to develop new strategies for our clients. We have partners & resources dedicated to research & development.

Do what you can do best and outsource the rest. We offer a full management service and deliver all the work to the client or as a white label. The choice is yours.

– You refer leads for us or existing clients
– You collect 10% of every payment that client makes
– You add your own margin

Become Partner

Our minimum engagement is $2200/month.